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I’ve fallen in love again…

…with running! I have to admit, I had burned out on running after 2 Januaries in a row of half marathons. The spark was gone. Instead of excitement, a look at my sneakers or the thought of miles brought me dread. 

So I took a break for most of 2013. I took dance classes. I became a Zumba instructor (though I am still mainly in student mode). I kept up some fitness, but I didn’t really run. I didn’t race. 

With true love, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I ran on Thanksgiving morning, and really enjoyed it (the scenery at Terry Hershey does not hurt!). But I had moved into my new place 3 days before. The time wasn’t right to get back together. But the possibility of a reunion was there. I felt hope.

I began to daydream about a goal that would spark my return to running. And then, 2 random sightings led me back to my love. First was a post within our AFP International Conference app … another attendee posted about a half marathon the opening day of conference. I knew I wasn’t in shape for a half (plus didn’t want to miss the morning session), but saw there was a 5k option. Better yet, my fellow AFPeep Paola (the Peeps are a flock of social media mavens deputized to spread the association and conference love!) was willing to run it with me. And there were donuts at the finish line. SOLD.

The race was lots of fun, and I had my best 5k time in a while, just under 42 minutes. (Here’s me and Paola after the race having a little fun in front of the Alamo.)


Around the same time, I happened to see a Tweet from the Chevron Houston Marathon promoting the ambassador program. If my application was selected, I would be part of a team of runners who agree to promote the races through blogs and other social media. I love using social media for good. And for someone who presents on social media (including the latest presentation with AFPeep Dave featuring a baker’s dozen of up and coming apps!), it seemed like I’d be a fool not to apply. So I did.

And here I am, an official ambassador for 2015! I like to think it’s a blend of fate and faith that has brought me back to my love. They say if you love something, set it free…if it comes back, it’s yours.

On my run this past weekend, it felt like everything just clicked. Sure, it was hot out. It wasn’t my best 4 mile time. But it just FELT right … especially those moments when I could feel all the muscles I’ve been working so hard in personal training sessions the past 3 months starting to collaborate. 

I’m not the fastest runner. I take walk breaks. But I give it my all. And that’s all you can ask for in love, to give it your best shot and know that this is what matters.

I look forward to sharing the courtship in the coming months leading up to the big race!

Day 1: 24 day challenge

I ended the day with calories remaining! That hasn’t happened in a long time. But not too many (165), and I felt like I had plenty to eat all day. Nearly an hour of Zumba helped that too. 

I also didn’t really miss coffee (gasp!). Since Spark has caffeine, I got what I needed from that…plus some vitamins and minerals too.

Day 2 will be a challenge with a meal out at a restaurant, but I feel confident I can handle it!

I will say: eating healthy takes time and effort. Extra time this morning to prep my lunch for work, plus the time to cook tonight. I think it will be worth it though to feel healthier.

24 Day Challenge Starting Stats 3/31/14

Weight: 158.5 lbs
Body fat: 33.2%

Chest: 36
Waist: 31
Hips: 39
Thigh: 22.5
Calf: 15 (see why I need extended boots?)
Arm: 12.5

# pushups in 24 secs: 13
Overall energy level: 3 (scale 1-5)
How well I sleep: 3
Overall feeling of wellness: 3 (mainly because of the sleep answer above)

Yes, it’s bold that I’m putting this all out there. But I want y’all to know I’m a real gal who sees real numbers on the scale and measuring tape. And this is with me already being semi-conscious about being healthy. I’m scared to think what the numbers would be if I threw all caution to the wind.

So this is me, 20 years ago. I was in high school drill team, and though I didn’t realize it at the time, fairly athletic. (We did do a lot of stunts!)

My reunion is in 3 months, and it’s my goal by then to be the healthiest Houdat (my term for a Houston Who Dat) around. My quest is not motivated by my reunion, but it will be a nice bonus if I can look my best for that event.

I’ve done a decent job this year staying active thanks to Charity Ball, personal training and my 10k steps a day average goal. But it’s time to get serious. That’s why today, I’m starting an AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. I’m not treating it as a diet…I’m looking at this as a way to reset myself and avoid all the foods I should be eating in moderation. It’s a way to make exercise a priority. And it’s a way to get some extra vitamins and minerals in to boot.

More to come in the next 3.5 weeks and beyond…