So this is me, 20 years ago. I was in high school drill team, and though I didn’t realize it at the time, fairly athletic. (We did do a lot of stunts!)

My reunion is in 3 months, and it’s my goal by then to be the healthiest Houdat (my term for a Houston Who Dat) around. My quest is not motivated by my reunion, but it will be a nice bonus if I can look my best for that event.

I’ve done a decent job this year staying active thanks to Charity Ball, personal training and my 10k steps a day average goal. But it’s time to get serious. That’s why today, I’m starting an AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. I’m not treating it as a diet…I’m looking at this as a way to reset myself and avoid all the foods I should be eating in moderation. It’s a way to make exercise a priority. And it’s a way to get some extra vitamins and minerals in to boot.

More to come in the next 3.5 weeks and beyond…


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