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What to FREEZE Next? #Fruits, #milk, #yogurt, #coffee, #chocolate, or #champagne??? Instruction on sweetoothdesign.com

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Good link here on freezing fruit!


Another meal on the go

My packed schedule means sometimes, I have to eat on the run. While the first day of the challenge was easy because I prepared all my meals at home (or brought from home to work), the days since then have been more of a challenge. Tuesday lunch was at a restaurant, and so was Wednesday dinner (in both cases, it was pretty easy to get the necessary protein/complex carb/veggies mix off the menu). 

Today, I needed to find a to-go option as I was traveling from one meeting to the next (the second was a BYO lunch). I opted for Mediterranean, always a favorite for me. Lamb kebab brought me the variety from chicken I was craving, while the kale salad and spicy hummus were great sides to round out the meal.

You’ll notice no pita bread…that’s because I gave up bread for Lent! Just 2 more weeks without it, and then I will reincorporate wheat bread since I’ll be finishing my last few challenge days after Easter. I miss it less than I did at the beginning, but it’s pretty tough to eat out and pick bread-free options. I do not envy my friends who have to be gluten-free!

Day 1: 24 day challenge

I ended the day with calories remaining! That hasn’t happened in a long time. But not too many (165), and I felt like I had plenty to eat all day. Nearly an hour of Zumba helped that too. 

I also didn’t really miss coffee (gasp!). Since Spark has caffeine, I got what I needed from that…plus some vitamins and minerals too.

Day 2 will be a challenge with a meal out at a restaurant, but I feel confident I can handle it!

I will say: eating healthy takes time and effort. Extra time this morning to prep my lunch for work, plus the time to cook tonight. I think it will be worth it though to feel healthier.

24 Day Challenge Starting Stats 3/31/14

Weight: 158.5 lbs
Body fat: 33.2%

Chest: 36
Waist: 31
Hips: 39
Thigh: 22.5
Calf: 15 (see why I need extended boots?)
Arm: 12.5

# pushups in 24 secs: 13
Overall energy level: 3 (scale 1-5)
How well I sleep: 3
Overall feeling of wellness: 3 (mainly because of the sleep answer above)

Yes, it’s bold that I’m putting this all out there. But I want y’all to know I’m a real gal who sees real numbers on the scale and measuring tape. And this is with me already being semi-conscious about being healthy. I’m scared to think what the numbers would be if I threw all caution to the wind.