Trying new things!

I tried pizza crusts made with rice and tapioca flour tonight. I do not typically seek out products with the “gluten free” label. I don’t have celiac issues. I know people who do have to do this, and I know it is definitely a challenge for them. But in seeking an easy dinner option for a semi-busy week, there were two options at my local Sprouts for a pre-made pizza crust: one with enriched flour, and this one. And there were plenty of them in stock, so I was hoping I didn’t take away from anyone who truly needed it.

Even though I’m not currently on my challenge, I am trying to eat as close to the rules of it as I can when I have a say-so. That means minimizing processed foods, hence the choice on the pizza crust.

It definitely has an interesting flavor, much like the almond nut crackers I have started to enjoy snacking on (even before my challenge!). I’ve noticed the less I eat white flour, the less I crave it and when I do eat something made with it, it doesn’t taste as good (that is, except for desserts…desserts still taste good…but I can get by with a few bites only!).

This may not become part of my regular menus, but I’m glad I tried something new so I knew what it was like. And I have a serious respect for those who must eat this way and am glad we are starting to see more options for them!

(PS-also on the pizza is organic tomato sauce, skim mozzarella, uncured turkey bacon, mushrooms and green onions. Roughly 500 calories for one…way less than frozen or delivery!)


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