Whole Foods saved me!

I almost failed today. More accurately, I totally failed to plan dinner tonight. This was a challenge due to many considerations:

  • I can’t eat meat today. (It’s still Lent for one more week, y’all.)
  • Sandwiches or and the like are out too. (Because I chose to give up bread for Lent, by far my toughest Lenten pledge EVER. Yes, tougher than the year I gave up booze.)
  • I’m on Day 12 of the 24 Day Challenge. (This means I should be avoiding fried foods, added sugars and sodium, and creamy sauces.)

It’s not terribly difficult to follow the challenge’s suggestion for a healthy protein, complex carb and fruit/veggie at each meal when one cooks at home or plans meals ahead. It would have been pretty easy to give in and just pick up an “easy” option that didn’t follow my three stipulations. But, I already had a little hurdle yesterday with a work lunch featuring really limited menu options … which resulted in me eating a little non-whole wheat spaghetti for the sake of having SOME carbs and being polite 🙂

After searching Yelp and Foursquare for ideas and coming up pretty empty, I remembered I live near a Whole Foods. Surely, I could cobble something together here.

And I did! The Sweet Chili Grilled Tofu was tasty (flavor makes all the difference with tofu), as were the Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts and Kale Slaw. Plus, I have enough left for lunch on Sunday pre-personal training.

Estimated 354 calories for the meal and cost about $7.50 ($15 total). Not bad for a “night out!”


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